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Where Can I Purchase the Best Tabletop Fountains?

Most major retail stores, garden centers, and home improvement stores have a variety of tabletop fountains available for purchase. In addition to these retailers, some stores that offer home décor may have a variety of fountains to choose from including tabletop and wall fountains. However, the selection that will be available will be extremely limited as there is not much shelf space available to hold the fountains.

The best fountains can often be found at specialty retailers that only focus on selling fountains. These types of retailers often carry dozens, if not hundreds, of different indoor fountains that can be placed upon the table. Acrylic, stone, steel, and copper fountains can all be found at these retailers. Even custom-made fountains that are designed specifically to meet specific design or décor needs can be found.

Where Can I Find the Widest Variety of Tabletop Fountains?

The biggest inventory of fountains, especially those designed for display upon the tabletop, can be found at a retailer that specializes in indoor fountains. These retailers only carry fountains, both indoor and outdoor varieties, which allow them to have a large selection for customers to choose from when shopping.

Fountains that are available from a specialty retailer can range in size, color, design, and texture. Customers can choose from a wide array of colors, or select a fountain that is made out of copper, steel, stone, or slate.

If a fountain is not available that meets a certain business or home décor or design needs, custom fountains may be available. Some fountain retailers offer the option to create a custom fountain that has the design, coloring, and material that is needed to blend in or accent a room's décor perfectly.

How do I Clean Tabletop Fountains?

Fountains placed upon tables in the home or at the workplace are cleaned in a very similar fashion to other indoor fountains, including wall or floor fountains. First, the entire fountain must be drained of any water. This provides the space and area to clean the surface of the fountain, but it also allows the existing water to be replaced with new, clean water.

After the water has been removed, a mild soap can be used to gently clean the surface of any dirt. A gentle bristled toothbrush is recommended for use if the dirt or buildup is hard to remove, but scrubbing or using hard bristled brushes should be avoided as it can scratch the surface.

Some fountains, such as those made of copper or steel, may require a special cleaner. This special cleaner will help protect the surface of the fountain without damaging it. Before cleaning, it is a good idea to check the manufacturer's instruction book as it will typically provide cleaning tips.

Infuse Nature into Your Home with Custom Fountains by Fathom Fountains


[Posted on Jan 30]


If you love the outdoors, and you enjoy spending time outside, chances are you love the water and the sense of peace and serenity that it brings. Why not bring nature into your home, surrounding yourself with the beautiful sights and sounds of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts and amenities civilization? Fathom Fountains can design custom fountains that will fit into your home decor splendidly and will leave you not only with a sense of overwhelming serenity, but also a sense of being at one with nature simultaneously.


Having custom fountains throughout your home, whether you choose to decorate with smaller, space-saving wall fountains, or if you have a larger space that allows room for a floor fountain, will also make a great conversation piece at all of your social gatherings. Additionally, a running water art feature in your home can ultimately lower your utility bills by cooling your home slightly in the summer. You can also add a touch of humidity into the dry winter air, eliminating dry scratchy eyes and rough scaly skin. Adding outdoor fountains gives your home instant curb appeal, as well as raises your home's market value.


Fathom Fountains has a wide variety of fountain designs for you to choose from, ranging from modern and edgy to traditional and religious. Our fountains also come in a range of colors, sizes and prices. Our fountains are also available in a unique selection of options like acrylic, copper, steel or slate. We are always happy to tell our customers that almost all of our fountains ship for free! This allows our customers to shop with ease without worrying about a large shipping fee.

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