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Who Has Outdoor Fountains for Sale?

Outdoor fountains are available for sale at a number of retail outlets and home improvement stores. The retail outlets or stores that will be used for the purchase will depend upon what type of fountain the customer is interested in obtaining.

Most home improvement stores, garden centers, and nurseries have a variety of fountains that are designed for outdoor use for sale. These fountains may come in a variety of colors, makes, and models, which provides customers with a variety of choices, but does not offer the option for customization.

Customers looking for customization or specialty fountains can rely upon fountain retailers, like Fathom Fountains. These specialty retailers have an inventory that only includes fountains and are able to offer both customized fountains and the manufactured fountains that are similar to what the home improvement stores and garden centers carry.

Who has Unique Outdoor Fountains?

The retailer or store that is used to purchase a unique fountain for outdoor use will depend upon how unique the fountain needs to be. Many home improvement stores, garden centers, or garden centers at major retailers have a variety of fountains in inventory. However, the uniqueness of each fountain is limited.

Choices of fountains that are available from home improvement stores or garden centers will be limited. There may be different colors available or even fountains made of different materials, but real personalization of the fountains will not be available.

For example, a group of copper fountains may be available in a stone option. This provides people with the opportunity to choose how the fountain looks for a certain feature, but not custom make the entire look of the fountain.

Truly unique fountains can be purchased through a specialty fountain retailer. A specialty fountain retailer provides customers with the ability to create unique, custom-made fountains for any outdoor setting. These retailers can customize the size and shape of the fountain, or even create a whole new fountain from scratch to blend in with the landscaping of an outdoor setting.


How to Clean Outdoor Fountains?

Regular, routine cleaning of a fountain that is kept outdoors is mandatory. Regular cleaning of the fountain keeps the fountain properly functioning and eliminates any potential health hazards, such as mold, mildew, or bacteria.

The cleaning process for a fountain for outdoor use is very similar to the cleaning process for indoor fountains. The fountain will need to be completely drained of any standing water. Once drained, the fountain can be completely cleaned using various household cleaning supplies, such mild soap or detergents. The only requirement for the cleaning supplies is they do not disintegrate or leave loose particles around, as this can clog the water pump that circulates the water in the fountain. It is best to check with the manufacturer of the fountain to make sure the proper cleaning supplies are used.


This is an amazing fountain. It is so impressive and Elegant. I would highly endorse this product and the Owner of this company. Bob is so personal and makes sure you have everything you need throughout the process. If you want a high quality product for the best price anywhere this is the place. If you want a $500.00 fountain from Lowe's or Home depot that is what you will get. Our neighbors are impressed and our home stands out with this fountain as a focal point. I am so glad we decided to order from Fathom Fountains!!! Thank You again Bob for everything!!

- Tom and LeslieSlone