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Fathom Fountains Offers Modern Outdoor Fountains


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Modern outdoor fountains from Fathom Fountains, a leader in unique fountains, add a stylistic touch to the natural beauty of a garden or patio. Listening to the sound of splashing water and watching the water fall is soothing and cooling and brings another dimension to any landscape. An outdoor fountain can be a focal point in the garden, or it can add background depth. It will enhance the property value of the house as well as the lifestyle of the residents.


Wall Fountains


Fathom Fountains, the most trusted name in modern fountains, proudly offer wall fountains. These are very popular modern style fountains that are suitable for almost any garden or patio. The material used can be a wall of stone, glass or metal with the water running down the surface like rain on a window. A stainless steel model is ultra-modern for a contemporary garden with cleanly defined spaces. The background glimmers under the falling water and at night the lighting creates a spectacular show.


Wall fountains can be almost any size and can stand alone or be mounted on a wall. They can be small enough to sit on a table or as large as the wall of a house.


Natural Slate Wall Fountain


A beautiful wall of horizontal natural slate bricks is a harmony of natural material with contemporary style. The water trickles down the bricks into a base filled with smooth stones. The wall is lit from below by a halogen light, so the trickling water can be seen, and the bricks add enough roughness so that there is no splashing.


Sailboat Fountain


With only the barest outline of a sailboat made from piping, the running water provides the boat’s body and sail. This extraordinary fountain is installed in a pond and captures the eyes of everyone who sees it. A combination of art and whimsy, this attractive contemporary fountain could be the centerpiece for a garden at the beach or for a nautical theme public park or square.


Pedestal Fountains


Pedestal fountains with geometric shapes including spheres, cubes, rectangles, vortexes and other stylistic shapes are combined to make an interesting and bold statement. They are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete and look like natural stone but are less expensive than traditional cast stone. There are small versions with only one block and large versions with multiple forms. The water cascades over the shapes giving a glistening quality to the stones. Although modern in design, this type of fountain can also be built to have the ancient quality of standing stones in the garden. This type of fountain is suitable for an entryway, deck or patio.


The Human Form


The human form can be stylized to create a modern outdoor fountain. With the look of contemporary sculpture, these fountains are works of art. They are especially attractive when situated in a natural setting among the trees or flowers of a garden and may surprise the viewers, as if they are seeing someone is in the garden.


One example is a woman’s form holding a pot above her head from which the water flows over her body. The lines are sleek and the trickling water adds to the smooth surface. Another example is a very stylized woman with her head on her knees. It makes an attractive round shape that is brought alive by the gently flowing water. Wall fountains can also be designed with human forms in the Impressionist or modern style. It is a work of art for a patio or garden that has the added feature of gently falling water.


If you would like to add dimension and elegance to your outdoor landscape, consider installing an outdoor fountain as a source of entertainment and serenity.


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