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Where Can I Find Indoor Fountains for Sale?

Indoor fountains are available for purchase at a number of retail stores, home improvement outlets, and garden centers. Where the fountain will be placed in a business or home, the desired size of the fountain, and the type of fountain will all impact where the fountain is purchased.

Retail stores, home improvement outlets, and garden centers often carry a number of small to mid-sized fountains, such as tabletop fountains or those that are hung from a wall. The fountains that are available from these retailers are available in a number of designs and materials, including copper, steel, and stone.

Homeowners and business owners who wish to have a more customized fountain or have a specific design in mind may need to go with a specialty retailer who focuses on fountains. These specialty retailers have a larger inventory of available fountains to choose from, and if there isn't a fountain to meet the design needs of a home or business, the retailer can custom-make one.

Where Can I Find Unique Indoor Fountains?

Where a unique fountain can be found will depend upon how unique the fountain needs to be. Individuals who just want to have the ability to choose from several available colors or different models will find the inventory available at retail stores, home improvement centers, and garden centers sufficient.

Homes and businesses that want a completely unique fountain for their décor will need to rely upon specialty retailers. These fountain retailers will be able create a number of wall fountains and free-standing fountains that are 100% unique. They will customize everything from the color to the design and setup of the fountain making sure it fits the homeowners or business owner's design needs.

How to Keep Indoor Fountains Clean?

The key to maintaining and keeping a fountain for indoor use clean is to use the right type of water. Distilled water, one that has had the chemicals and impurities removed, should always be used for any indoor fountain as it will prevent any chemical buildup. Distilled water will also help keep the water pump clean and operating properly.

A monthly cleaning of a fountain that is used for indoor use is necessary to keep it looking its best and functioning properly. The fountain will need to be completely drained of all water. This will provide the opportunity to properly clean the surface of the fountain.

When cleaning the surface of the fountain, it is important to use the proper cleaning agents and equipment. Recommended cleaning equipment for these types of fountains include soft towels and gentle bristled brushes, and mild household cleaners. This type of cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies will not leave any particles behind that could clog the water pump. It is also important to remember to not scrub the surface while cleaning, as it could lead to scratches and damage that cannot be fixed.


This is an amazing fountain. It is so impressive and Elegant. I would highly endorse this product and the Owner of this company. Bob is so personal and makes sure you have everything you need throughout the process. If you want a high quality product for the best price anywhere this is the place. If you want a $500.00 fountain from Lowe's or Home depot that is what you will get. Our neighbors are impressed and our home stands out with this fountain as a focal point. I am so glad we decided to order from Fathom Fountains!!! Thank You again Bob for everything!!

- Tom and LeslieSlone

Indoor Fountains Add a Striking Addition to Any Home


[Posted by Fathom Fountains]

Indoor fountains, though popular, are not overly common in homes today. To have such a water feature in your home allows your abode to really stand out. Indoor Fountains can add a stunning visual appeal. They can also be blended into the surroundings to create a serene and natural feel. No matter what your choice, an indoor fountain will certainly be a conversation piece among friends and family. Your fountain will add a beautiful focal point to any room. In fact, water features are critical elements to some decorating styles.
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Come to Fathom Fountains for Wondrous Indoor Fountains

Are you in the marketing for lovely indoor fountains? Then make the call to Fathom Fountains today! We can meet your design needs with our custom-made fountains. There are many fountains to choose from and every one will dazzle you as well as sooth with flowing, trickling water. Our professional installers will install your fountain properly. Choose stone, copper, steel or slate. We have them all! Contact us today and find out more about our fountain selection today!

Infuse Nature into Your Home with Custom Fountains by Fathom Fountains


[Posted on Jan 30]


If you love the outdoors, and you enjoy spending time outside, chances are you love the water and the sense of peace and serenity that it brings. Why not bring nature into your home, surrounding yourself with the beautiful sights and sounds of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts and amenities civilization? Fathom Fountains can design custom fountains that will fit into your home decor splendidly and will leave you not only with a sense of overwhelming serenity, but also a sense of being at one with nature simultaneously.


Having custom fountains throughout your home, whether you choose to decorate with smaller, space-saving wall fountains, or if you have a larger space that allows room for a floor fountain, will also make a great conversation piece at all of your social gatherings. Additionally, a running water art feature in your home can ultimately lower your utility bills by cooling your home slightly in the summer. You can also add a touch of humidity into the dry winter air, eliminating dry scratchy eyes and rough scaly skin. Adding outdoor fountains gives your home instant curb appeal, as well as raises your home's market value.


Fathom Fountains has a wide variety of fountain designs for you to choose from, ranging from modern and edgy to traditional and religious. Our fountains also come in a range of colors, sizes and prices. Our fountains are also available in a unique selection of options like acrylic, copper, steel or slate. We are always happy to tell our customers that almost all of our fountains ship for free! This allows our customers to shop with ease without worrying about a large shipping fee.

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