Broad Oak Tree Fountain
Broad Oak Tree Fountain
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The Ancient
The Ancient
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Add a Sense of Serenity and Beauty with Floor Fountains from Fathom Fountains

  • Provides recommendations for the best fountain
  • Professional installers available
  • Huge inventory of fountains to choose from
  • Fountains available in copper, stone, and acrylic

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Fathom Fountains

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Where Can I Buy Discounted Floor Fountains?

Floor fountains that are available at discounted prices can be found at any retailer or store that offers them for sale. Home improvement stores, garden centers, and even landscaping companies may offer a number of floor and wall fountains at discounted prices. These fountains may be discounted because they are older models, the store needs the shelf space, or it could be an annual sale.

Specialty retailers that only offer fountains may also offer discounted fountains. These retailers offer a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor fountains, many of which may be available at discounted prices. The reason for the discounted prices are very similar to the reasons given by home improvement stores or garden centers. The specialty retailer may want to move inventory to make room for newer, more modern fountains, the fountain model may be discontinued, or it could be a sale.

What are the Best Floor Fountains?

A number of factors go into determining which of the available free-standing fountains is the best. Size, stability of the base structure, electrical outlets that need to be used, and installation can all impact determining which fountain is the best. Fountains that have a sturdy base, use the existing electrical outlets, and are easy to clean and maintain are often thought to have some of the top qualities that make them the best.

Fathom Fountains can help determine which fountain is the best for a given situation. They will take into consideration the space in which the fountain will be installed, maintenance that may be required, and the design and décor of the area. Fathom Fountains will make a number of recommendations for various floor, wall, and tabletop fountains that will best suit the needs of any business or home.

How Do I Install Floor Fountains?

Small to medium sized fountains can be installed by anyone. Some items, such as the water pump or the back of the fountain will require assembly, but it will take just a few minutes. Most small and medium sized fountains do not require special electrical outlets as they work with the existing electrical outlets in any home or office. This eliminates the need for an electrician. Some retailers offer professional installers that are available to help with the installation of these sized fountains.

Larger sized indoor fountains may require the help of a professional fountain installer. These fountains require the help of a trained professional as the assembly can be fairly complex or difficult. These fountains may also require special electrical outlets to prevent short circuiting the water pumps or existing electrical wiring. A professional installer can help check the outlets and determine if new ones need to be installed.


This is an amazing fountain. It is so impressive and Elegant. I would highly endorse this product and the Owner of this company. Bob is so personal and makes sure you have everything you need throughout the process. If you want a high quality product for the best price anywhere this is the place. If you want a $500.00 fountain from Lowe's or Home depot that is what you will get. Our neighbors are impressed and our home stands out with this fountain as a focal point. I am so glad we decided to order from Fathom Fountains!!! Thank You again Bob for everything!!

- Tom and LeslieSlone