Broad Oak Tree Fountain
Broad Oak Tree Fountain
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The Ancient
The Ancient
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Custom fountains add value and beauty to any home or office. You can have a custom-designed fountain of your choice at an affordable price when you come to Fathom Fountains. We have a large selection of fountains that can be designed to match the decor of your home or office. Whatever color scheme or decor your home or office has, our expert designers are capable of coming up with a fountain design that flows with the existing ornamentation. Once your fountain is easily installed, you can then enjoy the sounds of trickling water while gazing at a beautiful decoration that sets the mood right. We offer custom designs for floor, wall and indoor fountains as well. Contact us today for more on our fountains!

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Your Creativity is Limitless with a Custom Fountain


[Posted on 13 Mar 2013]

Benefits of Having a Fountain

While you consider what type of fountain you would like to own, it is important to realize that fountains have been very desirable for centuries. In ancient times a personal fountain was a sign of prosperity. These days any homeowner or business that desires can have a fountain erected. People love fountains because they bring an instant sense or peace and serenity to any type of environment. There are opulent outdoor fountains and earthy indoor fountains. They have the power to turn an empty space into one that contains a unique piece of art. A garden can be enhanced by the placement of a fountain that sits along a flower-strewn path. A living room fountain can help to relax and rejuvenate you after a long day at work.

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Match Your Unique Style with Custom Fountains


[Posted on Feb 8 2013]


Fountains are attractive pieces of art. Individuals use fountains when they wish to set a certain tone in a home or place of business. However, it is not necessary to purchase a generic fountain. Below are the advantages of pursuing your own Custom Fountains that will add a unique style to your living or working space.

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Infuse Nature into Your Home with Custom Fountains by Fathom Fountains


[Posted on Jan 30, 2013]


If you love the outdoors, and you enjoy spending time outside, chances are you love the water and the sense of peace and serenity that it brings. Why not bring nature into your home, surrounding yourself with the beautiful sights and sounds of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts and amenities civilization? Fathom Fountains can design custom fountains that will fit into your home decor splendidly and will leave you not only with a sense of overwhelming serenity, but also a sense of being at one with nature simultaneously.


Having custom fountains throughout your home, whether you choose to decorate with smaller, space-saving wall fountains, or if you have a larger space that allows room for a floor fountain, will also make a great conversation piece at all of your social gatherings. Additionally, a running water art feature in your home can ultimately lower your utility bills by cooling your home slightly in the summer. You can also add a touch of humidity into the dry winter air, eliminating dry scratchy eyes and rough scaly skin. Adding outdoor fountains gives your home instant curb appeal, as well as raises your home's market value.


Fathom Fountains has a wide variety of fountain designs for you to choose from, ranging from modern and edgy to traditional and religious. Our fountains also come in a range of colors, sizes and prices. Our fountains are also available in a unique selection of options like acrylic, copper, steel or slate. We are always happy to tell our customers that almost all of our fountains ship for free! This allows our customers to shop with ease without worrying about a large shipping fee.

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