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Where Can I Find Copper Fountains?

Copper fountains are available for purchase at a number of retailers and garden centers. Where a fountain is purchased will depend upon how the fountains will be used – indoor or outdoor.

Many home improvement stores, garden centers, and landscaping companies offer outdoor fountains made of copper available for purchase. The fountains that are available can vary in size ranging from small garden fountains to huge outdoor structures. There will also be a variety of choices available including different colored copper, different designs, and even copper that is treated with a finished clear coat or unfinished.

Indoor fountains, such as wall fountains or small, free standing structures can be found at specialty retailers that only offer fountains for sale. Indoor fountains may also be found at home improvement centers, major retailers, and some garden centers.

Who has the Best Copper Fountains?

The retailer, home improvement center, or garden center that has the best copper fountain inventory available will depend upon what type of fountain is needed. Most home improvement centers, garden centers, and retailers will have a very limited inventory of fountains made of copper available. Customers may be able to personalize their choice of fountain by selecting from a variety of colors or sizes, but they will face limitations during their selection process to what is a part of the inventory.

Specialty retailers that carry outdoor and indoor fountains offer the best inventory. This is because all they offer is fountains for sale, which allows them to carry a bigger inventory than other retailers. Specialty retailers also offer the opportunity to create custom-made, unique fountains, which allows people to make their own fountain if they are not able to find any available that they like.  

How do I Clean a Copper Fountain?

Proper cleaning of a fountain made out of copper is required to keep it looking bright, shiny, and beautiful. The first step in the cleaning process for a fountain is to completely remove any water. This will prevent any cleaning agents, such as calcium and lime remover, copper cleaner or wood polish from mixing with the water or clogging the water pump.

After draining the water, the cleaning process that will be used will vary depending upon whether the fountain has been finished with a clear coat or not. If a clear coat finish has been applied to the fountain to protect the copper from oxidation, a calcium and lime remover can be used to remove any build up that is present on the fountain.

Copper fountains that do not have a clear coat finish can be cleaned using either wood polish or a copper cleaner. Copper cleaner is typically recommended for use on fountains that are made out of a copper-colored copper as it will brighten up the coloring, while wood polish is recommended for unfinished fountains made of copper as it will not damage the surface.  


This is an amazing fountain. It is so impressive and Elegant. I would highly endorse this product and the Owner of this company. Bob is so personal and makes sure you have everything you need throughout the process. If you want a high quality product for the best price anywhere this is the place. If you want a $500.00 fountain from Lowe's or Home depot that is what you will get. Our neighbors are impressed and our home stands out with this fountain as a focal point. I am so glad we decided to order from Fathom Fountains!!! Thank You again Bob for everything!!

- Tom and LeslieSlone

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Fathom Fountains is the Place for Copper Fountains

When you want lovely copper fountains for your home or office, come to Fathom Fountains. We have fountains available in custom designs as well as different colors, sizes and shapes. They will add beauty and tranquility to any room. Contact us today for more information.

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Copper Fountains Can Give Your Home a Vintage Look

[Posted by Fathom Fountains]

Ancient Beginnings

Copper is an ancient material that has been used for thousands of years by artisans from various cultures throughout the world. Because it is soft metal, it can be easily shaped and hammered into magnificent vintage patterns and shapes that take on the looks and feel of days long gone. The biggest difference in fountains of old and those we use in our homes today are the electric pumps that quietly circulate the water and allow it to flow effortlessly down the various levels. The sounds can be subtle but the copper in itself presents a very dramatic look to a focal point in your home, especially if your copper fountains are set amongst an arrangement of plants and floral arrangements.


Learn how Copper Fountains Can Add Aesthetic Value to Your Living Spaces

Infuse Nature into Your Home with Custom Fountains by Fathom Fountains


[Posted on Jan 30]


If you love the outdoors, and you enjoy spending time outside, chances are you love the water and the sense of peace and serenity that it brings. Why not bring nature into your home, surrounding yourself with the beautiful sights and sounds of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts and amenities civilization? Fathom Fountains can design custom fountains that will fit into your home decor splendidly and will leave you not only with a sense of overwhelming serenity, but also a sense of being at one with nature simultaneously.


Having custom fountains throughout your home, whether you choose to decorate with smaller, space-saving wall fountains, or if you have a larger space that allows room for a floor fountain, will also make a great conversation piece at all of your social gatherings. Additionally, a running water art feature in your home can ultimately lower your utility bills by cooling your home slightly in the summer. You can also add a touch of humidity into the dry winter air, eliminating dry scratchy eyes and rough scaly skin. Adding outdoor fountains gives your home instant curb appeal, as well as raises your home's market value.


Fathom Fountains has a wide variety of fountain designs for you to choose from, ranging from modern and edgy to traditional and religious. Our fountains also come in a range of colors, sizes and prices. Our fountains are also available in a unique selection of options like acrylic, copper, steel or slate. We are always happy to tell our customers that almost all of our fountains ship for free! This allows our customers to shop with ease without worrying about a large shipping fee.

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