Why You Will Love Our Copper Fountains

[Posted on February 20th, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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Our website here at Fathom Fountains is one of the world’s leading suppliers of copper fountains, outdoor fountains, custom fountains and more. The reason for this is our fantastic selection and amazing customer support team. We have exclusive partnerships with all the leading manufacturers of fountains, which allows us to offer an unparalleled variety of choices to our happy customers around the world as well as providing the most competitive prices in the industry. When you purchase a water feature with Fathom Fountains, you’ll not only be choosing from the highest quality available fountains anywhere, but you’ll working with a team that draws from years of experience that will help you or your business find the perfect fountain that will perfectly suit your needs.


One of the primary reasons to purchase copper fountains is for their unmatched beauty. While regular fountains may have amazing structural beauty, these fountains are beautiful simply because of the amazing material used in their production. Copper is one of the most precious natural metals found in the world because of its amazing luminous quality. Copper has a natural ability to attract and reflect light. Water naturally refracts light, so when it is coupled with a copper water feature, it is truly marvelous to behold. A fountain made of copper collects and disperses sunlight through any space it’s placed in, causing an amazing light show to dance across the walls and ceiling. The material has a natural tannish glow that will age beautifully. When placed outside, copper fountains will age in unique and interesting ways, generating a rustic patina that is sure to entice and delight guests.


For homeowners, copper fountains will serve as an amazing centerpiece to the home. The sound of flowing water in your living space is a beautiful and tranquil experience that is reminiscent of the outdoors, conjuring up images of gentle babbling brooks and majestic waterfalls. Water fountains such as these also have an amazing effect on the atmosphere of any space. The flowing water will naturally humidify the air in your home of office, which normally can become quite stagnant due to the air filtrations and cooling systems already in place. Humidified air has positive effects on well being, keeping skin from drying out and cooling the air.

When used in an office environment, water fountains serve as an excellent method of providing positive white noise. Typically, office environments will be subject to a plague of myriad noise pollutants. One of the major causes of noise pollution is office machinery. This can include: ringing telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, office chatter, printers, and more. Having positive white noise like a water fountain will put employees and clients at ease and produce a positive working environment for everyone.


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