Tips On Installing Wall Fountains In A Home Or Office

[Posted on September 21st, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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More people are purchasing wall fountains for their homes and offices because these fountains add a unique design aspect to any indoor and outdoor space. Water fountains can tie in decor themes while adding a moving water feature that is captivating to the eyes. Yet there are several things to consider if you plan to add one of these water fountains to a wall of your home or office.

Weight Matters

The larger the wall fountain, the heavier it will be. This weight will also double when adding in the water that will circulate through the pump. You have to select a wall that is structurally stable and strong enough to support the water fountain. You must also mount the fountain correctly by ensuring the fountain is connected to the wall stud and not by the drywall only.

The last thing you want to see is the wall fountain tearing off the drywall as it smashes into the floor. Not only will you have damage to the outdoor water fountains, but also to the walls as it will be a hassle to fix.

Where To Run The Pipes

Wall fountains need to have pipes that run the water from the basin up to the top of the fountain so it can pour back down. So you have to decide where to place these pipes. Sticking them behind the drywall gives a more clean appearance to the fountain and the surrounding wall, but you will have to avoid the wall studs.

If tearing out the walls isn’t an idea you want to try, you can have the pipes run up beside the fountain as you can disguise them with ivy and vines. You may also want to use copper pipes that will form a patina color that will look beautiful beside your fountain.

Don’t Forget The Electricity

Wall fountains require electricity to power the pump. Unless you decide to go with a solar-powered fountain, you will need an electrical outlet. Try to avoid plugging the cord into outlets below the fountain, as any water spills could cause a dangerous situation. Instead, use an outlet located behind the fountain or have an electrician install an outlet there if you plan to open up the wall anyway to run the pipes.


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