Solar Fountains Aren’t Just For Outdoor Use

[Posted on September 15th, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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Solar fountains are becoming a popular trend with people who love the outdoors. Having a garden fountain that runs on solar power instead of electricity is a green movement that most people can get behind as the fountain works during the day and night. A battery stores the power gathered from the sun’s rays until it is needed. So people can enjoy it even on cloudy days or in the warm evenings as they sit on their patios or decks.

A Solar Fountain Can Also Be An Indoor Water Feature

A common misconception is that a solar fountain can only be used outside. These types of outdoor fountains must be in direct sunlight for the battery to be powered. Yet this opinion is not entirely true.

Some solar-powered fountains have an attached solar panel that operates the pump. Yet there are also fountains that have a detached solar panel that can be placed somewhere else in the yard where the strongest sunlight is for the longest part of the day. These models have a cord that can be up to 15 feet long that connects the panel to the fountain.

So you can actually place some solar fountains indoors while the solar panel can stay outside in the yard where it can get plenty of sunlight. You will enjoy the sound of the fountain and the bubbling water while having the peace of mind that you are saving energy and promoting a green environment.

Enjoy The Stress-Free Atmosphere With A Solar Fountain

Besides the benefits of using natural solar power to run the fountain instead of electricity, there are other benefits to using solar fountains. They are another way to create a relaxing environment as they can help lower the stress that you feel.

So place these fountains in home offices, commercial offices, outside in backyards or up on your patio when you want to hear the soothing sounds of rushing water. Watching the water fall from level to level into the basin to be pumped back up to the top can be a very soothing thing to watch for adults and children.

If you are looking for a solar fountain for your home or office, contact Fathom Fountains. We have the largest selection of solar-powered fountains available as you can pick the one that fits into the decor of your indoor or outdoor spaces.


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