Make Your Work Space Complete with Tabletop Fountains

[Posted on April 6th, 2013]


Whether you work at home or in a commercial office, a tabletop fountain might be the missing ingredient to make your space calm and relaxing. We have come a long way from the rudimentary early versions of these tabletop fountains, and you can explore your inner Zen with new varieties to help revitalize a work setting.


Noise Barrier

Many common work areas receive a lot of ambient noise. If your co-workers are loud talkers, or are prone to pounding instead of typing on their laptops, you may find that this noise breaks your concentration and keeps you off task. Tabletop fountains can break through this and add a soothing noise barrier between yourself and the noisy distractions around you. The flowing water also can be a sound that you learn to focus on when working at home. After some time, extraneous noises such as home appliances or TVs in other rooms may not distract you as much. Combining the fountain sound with ambient or classical music turned on low in your office space can create a peaceful retreat.


Air and Health Benefits

You also might discover that the addition of a fountain also adds a small amount of humidity to the air. This can be beneficial in winter, where dry air from a company’s HVAC system or your own furnace or space heater at home can leave your lips and hands painfully chapped. The fountain might be just enough humidity to make your setting more comfortable. In extreme dry interior conditions, you could combine a fountain with a desktop humidifier for maximum effect, which, as a side benefit, also can bring relief to wood furniture and plants to keep them from drying out in your office.


Tabletop fountains, also like basic tabletop humidifiers, can help to reduce the amount of dust particles circling you in a dry room. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, consider the addition of a fountain or two to help clean the air in your work area.


If you need a break, a fountain can give you something to focus your eyes on to relax after staring at your laptop or computer screen. Having your eyes relax and gaze at the streaming water can be important to avoid eyestrain, particularly if you put in long hours at a computer. The fountain also can be a relaxing element to help you take a mental break from work stress. Regular breaks from your routine are important and can help to improve your concentration.


Express Yourself

You may enjoy personalizing your work area with an attractive fountain. There are many online designers who are creative in mixing fountain lights with water and the sound of water flowing against bamboo, copper, ceramic or even stainless steel. Select a style that is appealing to you, whether it is a tabletop Buddha or tiny slate wall with flowing water and rocks, and bring a little bit of your own style to your desk. You may soon recognize the benefits of adding this element to reduce exterior noise, improve the air around you, reduce stress and help you concentrate to do your best work.


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