Find The Right Room For Your Indoor Wall Fountains

[Posted on October 9th, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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For an attractive piece of wall art that instantly creates a conversation piece in your home, check out the wall fountains we have at Fathom Fountains. We have tons of fountains to select from that can fit in any home decor style as you can enjoy the soothing sounds of rushing water every day. Yet once you select your fountain, you may have a difficult time choosing where you want to place it. Here are a few tips on picking out the right room to hang your outdoor fountain.

Select Rooms Where You Love To Relax In

You will always have that one room where you can put up your feet, turn the lights down low, and just sit back doing absolutely nothing in particular. These are the perfect places to hang indoor fountains as it won’t cause any undue distractions while you can fully enjoy the sight and the sound of rushing water. Dens, craft rooms and libraries are ideal rooms where people can gather to chat, or just sit and allow all their stress drain away.

Foyers And Enclosed Porches Need Water Fountains

Foyers are a place where an indoor fountain works well, as people instantly feel relaxed and welcome when walking in through the front door. The fountain will always be noticed and can be a central focal point as you carry the decor style through the rest of the house.

Enclosed porches are another place where wall fountains can hang to make a beautiful water feature statement. While many porches may have large glass windows along the outer walls, you are sure to find an inner wall of the house where you can place the fountain. Just make sure you have an electrical outlet available to plug in the pump.

Avoid Playrooms, Bedrooms and Narrow Hallways

A water fountain simply won’t work in narrow hallways where people have to turn sideways just to navigate through the narrow space. You risk the chance of someone constantly bumping into the fountain. It is also a good idea to avoid playrooms. With the number of toys tossed in the air, you are sure to have a watery mess on the floor.

Wall fountains only work well in bedrooms if people don’t mind listening to the sound of water. While you may love hearing it while sitting in bed reading a book, your spouse may object if he is trying to watch the sports game or get some sleep.


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