Discover the Types and Styles of Outdoor Fountains

[Posted on March 10th, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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The soft splash of outdoor fountains brings both life and motion to the outdoor landscape. These decorative pieces come in a wide range of types of styles, and it is easy to select one that matches and enhances the landscaping design of any property. The key to selecting the right type and style is to choose one that blends in with the property.

The spouting fountain is a dramatic type of fountain with its water spraying up in a plume-like fashion. It is also easy to add this type of fountain to an existing water feature like a swimming pool or pond, since only a submersible pump is needed. In addition to being dramatic, spouting fountains are versatile. Pair them up with a statue for water sprays directly from the statue, or opt for a ring or bubble nozzle for a specific pattern. Some spouting fountains are self-contained units for an instant focal point in an outdoor garden.

Compared to spouting fountains, cascading fountains are a bit more subtle. These types of fountains are designed with multiple levels for water to gently flow from one level to the next level. The conventional tiered fountain is an example of this type, however, smaller types can be found in which water flows through a series of container, such as pots. Cascading fountains are easy to install. Since they are typically self-contained, all of the plumbing is housed inside the fountain. This eliminates the need to hire a fountain specialist for the installation.

Wall outdoor fountains are ideal for properties with limited space. You can choose a wall-mounted style that hangs directly on the wall or a freestanding style that gets pushed up against a fence. If a fountain needs to be added to an existing wall, a mask and a basin are needed to emit and catch the water. Masonry and plumbing are involved in this project, and it’s best to hire a professional.

The three-tier outdoor fountains are the perfect style for the focal point of a patio. The water makes a soothing sound while flowing downward, and hydrangeas and potted ferns can surround the fountain to add symmetry to the patio. Glazed Mexican tiles create a breathtaking backdrop to fountain and add a Moorish style. Generally, yellow and cobalt tiles are used with a sunflower mask for an extra flair to the fountain. Fountains with statues add Victorian appeal and are nicely complemented with Victorian indoor fountains. This way, you can create a matching theme both indoors and outdoors. There also contemporary styles with natural shapes and clean lines. Contemporary styles work well with both formal and informal outdoor landscaping.

Fathom Fountains offer a wide array of outdoor fountains that add both style and value to the property. We offer wall fountains, pedestal fountains, cascading fountains and spouting fountains in many styles, including modern, impressionistic, Victorian and Asian. Our customers can also choose from a wide range of materials for their fountains, such as steel, concrete and stone.


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