Copper Fountains Can Give Your Home a Vintage Look

[Posted on April 9th, 2013]

There is something magical about the sound of water gently flowing along a beautifully handcrafted fountain pathway. The water softly trickles and relaxes our senses. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting along a slowly flowing stream or a delicate waterfall seeping gently down a rocky cliff.

All of this is possible to recreate within the confines of your home. Even in limited spaces, you can easily install and enjoy the benefits of attractive copper fountains. It will be a highlight feature, a soothing amenity and a welcome addition to your space that might well be the most distinctive and memorable feature of your home. It will gently reproduce the sounds of nature by capturing those soothing sounds in your attractive vintage copper fountain.

Ancient Beginnings
Copper is an ancient material that has been used for thousands of years by artisans from various cultures throughout the world. Because it is soft metal, it can be easily shaped and hammered into magnificent vintage patterns and shapes that take on the looks and feel of days long gone. The biggest difference in fountains of old and those we use in our homes today are the electric pumps that quietly circulate the water and allow it to flow effortlessly down the various levels. The sounds can be subtle but the copper in itself presents a very dramatic look to a focal point in your home, especially if your copper fountains are set amongst an arrangement of plants and floral arrangements.

Copper Adds Performance and Character and is Very Adaptable
Copper fountains are essentially hand made. They can be sized to fit the requirements of any room. That means they can be made to sit neatly on a tabletop or on the floor. The designs vary as well. They range from simplistic to highly ornate and intricately detailed. Copper fountains work very well in the company of traditional surroundings. They fit in quite well with rustic designs as well as with other period pieces.

Copper is a warm and comforting material. It takes on the colors of its environment and makes itself at home with virtually any imaginable theme. It never goes out of style and like some other semi-precious metals, copper improves with age. Its patina can vary or be easily modified. Left natural, it will darken or take on a verdi gris hue. It can be treated or sprayed with a clear lacquer to preserve its shiny copper presence.

Often an ornate copper fountain can work well with a setting of contemporary furnishings. The fountain will soften the angular geometric features of modern furniture and define a room’s focus. The popularity of vintage copper fountains has not diminished over the decades. If anything, their popularity has increased over the years as each succeeding generation seems to rediscover the possibilities that copper fountains offer.

The More the Merrier
There are those who set in place many fountains throughout their homes, placing them in virtually every room in their house. There is a calming element involved that encompasses the entire home along with the unique sounds of the water dripping through the fountains that sooth those within earshot.


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