Indoor Fountains – Infographic – December – 2014

| December 6, 2014

Indoor Fountains – Infographic – December – 2014

6 Things To Consider When Looking At Indoor Fountains

| December 3, 2014

Visit Fathom Fountains online and learn 6 things to consider when looking at indoor fountains so you can be happy with your purchase.

Can Decorative Wall Fountains Help Your Business?

| November 20, 2014

Many small business owners do not realize the importance of investing in their own business. If you are a small business owner you may think that you are already investing in your business with all of the long hours you put in. That is one way of investing, however, there are other ways of investing in yourself that can result in huge benefits for your company and your bottom line. Improving the aesthetic quality of your place of business can actually have a huge impact on your customers and future customers. Keeping your place of business well maintained and attractive is an important aspect of business ownership that often gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday. Interior design elements such as wall fountains, plants, art and furniture all have an effect on your customers.

Outdoor Fountains – Infographic – November 2014

| November 4, 2014

Outdoor Fountains – Infographic – November 2014

5 Things To Look At With Outdoor Fountains

| November 3, 2014

If you are going to purchase outdoor fountains, it’s imperative to look at a few things. Regardless of size or placement of the fountain, you have to look at all the features to ensure you buy one that will work for the space and that meets all of your needs.

Find The Right Room For Your Indoor Wall Fountains

| October 9, 2014

For an attractive piece of wall art that instantly creates a conversation piece in your home, check out the wall fountains we have at Fathom Fountains. We have tons of fountains to select from that can fit in any home decor style as you can enjoy the soothing sounds of rushing water every day. Yet once you select your fountain, you may have a difficult time choosing where you want to place it. Here are a few tips on picking out the right room to hang your outdoor fountain.

Selecting Indoor Fountains With Lights For Those Dark Corners

| October 5, 2014

More people are placing indoor fountains in their home or office due to the number of benefits these water features give. Water fountains can create a unique style to a room that becomes a conversational piece during dinner parties. The sound of rushing water has also been known to relieve stress as you can sit back and just relax to the lovely sound.

Tips On Installing Wall Fountains In A Home Or Office

| September 21, 2014

More people are purchasing wall fountains for their homes and offices because these fountains add a unique design aspect to any indoor and outdoor space. Water fountains can tie in decor themes while adding a moving water feature that is captivating to the eyes. Yet there are several things to consider if you plan to add one of these water fountains to a wall of your home or office.

Solar Fountains Aren’t Just For Outdoor Use

| September 15, 2014

Solar fountains are becoming a popular trend with people who love the outdoors. Having a garden fountain that runs on solar power instead of electricity is a green movement that most people can get behind as the fountain works during the day and night. A battery stores the power gathered from the sun’s rays until it is needed. So people can enjoy it even on cloudy days or in the warm evenings as they sit on their patios or decks.

Foam In Outdoor Water Fountains

| September 7, 2014

[Posted on September 7th, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]   Outdoor water fountains are beautiful water features that adds a relaxing element to backyard spaces. Yet they require periodic maintenance and cleaning to keep them in the best condition. If you happen to go outside one morning and notice that there is foam along the water surface, […]