6 Things To Consider When Looking At Indoor Fountains

[Posted on December 3rd, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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Indoor fountains can be a great way to add ambience to a room. There are many different models and styles available, and therefore, you want to look at a few different things to help you decide which one to buy. This will make it easier to be satisfied with your purchase.

Be sure and consider the following factors when choosing a fountain for your home:

1. Location

You need to look at the location where you’re going to place the fountain to be able to determine all other aspects. This could be on a wall, table or on the floor in the center of a room. You want to be conscious of cords, if they are required, so you don’t experience any trip hazard.

2. Height

The height of the fountain may need to be a consideration. Some fountains are very tall, and you need to allow room for the water to come up as well. Additionally, if you are going to place indoor fountains on a wall, you want to fill the space efficiently. If the fountain is not as tall as you would like, it may look lost on the wall.

3. Size

The size of the fountain has to be explored as well. If you are placing it on a table or in the middle of a room, you want to measure the space where it’s going and then look at the dimensions of the fountain.

4. Power Source

The fountain’s power source needs to be a consideration. While there are solar fountains available, these should generally not be used indoors as they won’t be able to get enough sunlight to work efficiently. Your other options are battery- and electric-operated fountains. If you choose an electric fountain, it needs to be placed close enough to an outlet to avoid having an eyesore (not to mention, hazard) of a power and/or extension cord.

5. Features

Various features can be found included on fountains — including mirrors and other various decorative touches, as well as the presence of lighting. Looking at these aesthetic elements can help you find fountains that will fit in well with the decorative themes of specific rooms in your home.

6. Cost

Indoor fountains can vary in cost dramatically. At Fathom Fountains, we offer a wide selection of great looking fountains at guaranteed low prices. This allows you to get a model that works for your space without spending more than what is necessary.


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