5 Things To Look At With Outdoor Fountains

[Posted on November 3rd, 2014 by Fathom Fountains]

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If you are going to purchase outdoor fountains, it’s imperative to look at a few things. Regardless of size or placement of the fountain, you have to look at all the features to ensure you buy one that will work for the space and that meets all of your needs.

Power Source

The power source has to be a top consideration. Some kind of power is needed to keep the water circulating within the outdoor fountains. If you don’t want to see a power plug or have to worry about trying to hide it, there are both battery operated and solar powered units. The thing you need to be cautious about with solar power is that the fountain needs to be in direct sunlight, otherwise it will not get enough sun to power the panels. This means that the fountain cannot be placed in the shadiest part of the property.


Many fountains have lights in them, which is a feature that may be desirable, depending upon placement. If the fountain is being placed in a front yard, the light can help to accentuate the features at night and be a welcoming presence to visitors. Lights also require more power, so you have to decide if this is something desirable or not.


There are countless styles of outdoor fountains. Some are free-standing to place in front of a building or a backyard while others are designed to hang on the wall as wall fountains. There are also many colors and various themes incorporated into the fountains, so browsing the many options is important prior to completing a purchase.


Larger fountains often make more noise because the water cascades from higher levels. A fountain should never look lost within a space. On the same token, you don’t want such a large fountain that it overtakes the space completely. Finding a happy medium may require taking some measurements of the space.

Ease of Cleaning

The fountain should be easy to clean, which means that it should break down relatively easily to get at the areas where mildew is. When cleaning mildew, you want to be as efficient as possible because it has a tendency to spread and if some is remaining when you’re done, it will only be a matter of time before it’s visible again.


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